Sunday 28 October 2007

Dublin Coopers' Guild - The Final Meeting

The Regular Dublin Operative Coopers' Society (also known as the Guild of St. Patrick) was incorporated in 1501 and received its Royal Charter from Charles II in 1666. It managed to survive until 1983 when the last remaining coopers voted the Society out of existence.

My grandfather was a cooper in Guinness and was present at the final meeting. These are the minutes of that sad occasion.

Regular Dublin Coopers
Incorporated 1501
Guild of St. Patrick

Coopers' Committee Rooms,
22 Nth. Frederick Street,
Dublin 1.

24th March 1983

Summary of Minutes of Special Dissolution Meeting of the above Society held on 24th March 1983.

CHAIRMAN: Mr. Augustine Gibney

Mr. Gibney elected Chairman on the motion of Mr. R.P. Lynch, seconded by Mr. W. Lynch and passed unanimously.

Minutes of quarterly meeting held on 1st March 1983 signed by Chairman on motion of Mr. R. Roach, seconded by Mr. B. Ralph and passed unanimously.

Progress report given by Secretary on findings of Dissolution Committee and agreed earlier this afternoon by Council.

Approximation of assets was given to the meeting by the President/Treasurer, Mr. A. Gibney.

Mr. J. White complimented both Officers and also Messrs. G. White and J. Tyrell of the Dissolution Committee for all the time and effort given in the interest of the Society.

Mr. D. Kavanagh moved in event of dissolution £300.00 be left in Bank for 12 months for reasons already agreed, and should be given to charity. Mr. P. Lynch seconded and motion passed unanimously. Mr. J. Boylan moved Charity One = Retarded Children's Association. Mr. J. White moved Charity Two = Alone. Mr. K. Doherty moved Charity Three = Simon Community. Above resolutions were seconded by Messrs. R.P. Lynch, R. Roach, V. Tyrell and were passed unanimously.

Mr. J. Boylan moved that only benefit members should partake of any divide of Society funds. Mr. K. Doherty seconded and motion passed unanimously

Mr. J. Tyrell moved that the Society Charter, Banner and Oldest Minute Book be presented to A.G.S. Museum on basis outlined in Secretary's Report. Mr. J. Boylan seconded and motion passed unanimously. Generally agreed that other Society Books should be presented to Labour History Society. Mr. R.P. Lynch moved that recommendation of Council regarding Dissolution Ballot be adopted. Mr. P. Lynch seconded and motion passed unanimously.

Agreed Scrutineers to Ballot: Messrs. G. White, R. Roach and D. Kavanagh.

Result of Ballot
In favour of Dissolution: 37
Against Dissolution: None
Votes Cast: 37

Motion to Dissolve Society passed unanimously.

It was generally agreed that decision to dissolve should be marked by way of a Dinner Party to be organised by the Officers and Mr. Gerald White. Both the Secretary and President thanked the members and referred to tonight's decision as sad but necessary.

Mr. V. Tyrell on behalf of the members thanked both officers for what he referred to as the excellent way they handled the affairs of the Society over many difficult years.

Roll Call of members attending

R. Agnew, J. Boylan, C. Doherty, K. Doherty, L. Doherty, N. Doherty, O. Doherty, R. Dunne, A. Gibney, B. Higgins, B. Hopkins, E. Joyce, I[?]. Kavanagh, D. Kavanagh, J. Kavanagh, A[?]. Lynch, P. Lynch, R.J. Lynch, R.P. Lynch, W. Lynch, J. McCann I, J. McCann II, J. McCann, P. Mills, B. O'Connor, E. O'Reilly, B. Ralph, J.V. Ralph, J. Ryan, V. Tyrrell, J. Tyrrell, R. Roach, J. Nolan, G. White, J. White, J. McCarthy, W. Carlson.

Total 37.

Signed: Augustine Gibney, 24th March 1983