Wednesday 7 November 2007

Irish whiskey list preview

Here's a sneak preview of something I've been working on. It's an early draft of a list of Irish whiskeys. It's very far from complete so don't tell me what's missing yet.

What is interesting is that this is an interactive table. You can sort it any way you like by clicking on the column headings. One click will sort the table in ascending order, the next click will sort it in descending order.

So you will be able to explore the variety of Irish whiskey available in various ways. For example, you could gather together all of the pure pot still whiskeys or all of the whiskeys produced by a particular distillery.

I might add another column or two and I certainly need to add a lot more rows. I'll mention the table again when it's ready for an official launch and I'll also put a permanent link to it in the navigation menu.