Tuesday 15 February 2011

Whiskey & Chocolate

It's election season in Ireland. Next week we'll see off one government and get another in its place.

Since we will all be in decision mode anyway, the Irish Whiskey Society will pose another conundrum on the eve of the big poll: whiskey, chocolate, or whiskey and chocolate. It would be unjust to make too hasty a selection so lots of careful tasting and re-tasting will be warranted. Just to be sure.

David Wright, of Lily O'Brien's, will be there to explain the wonders of chocolate and we'll have the usual half-dozen or so tipples to sample besides.

If any further enticement was needed, one of the whiskeys we have secured has never been released and may never be. It's Irish but you'll extract no more information from me except that it's unusual, it's very nice and it's worth trying.

So, it's Brooks Hotel, Thursday, 24th February. The last fling before Lent!