Tuesday 30 October 2012

Writers Tears Cask Strength (sampled)

Shane from Writers Tears kindly sent me a sample of the new Cask Strength I wrote about last week.

Two things struck me abut this whiskey. First, the malty, grainy nose that reminded me of new make spirit. There is still some of that fiery freshness in the taste too, though I'm sure this isn't a young whiskey.

Second, this is perhaps the driest whiskey I've ever sampled. I don't mean that as a euphemism for overly woody or tannic but there is not a hint of sweetness or citrus, for example, and only the merest touch of vanilla. The lack of vanilla aside, you can certainly taste the first-fill bourbon casks that housed this spirit.

So, grain and wood. That's pretty much whiskey stripped back to its essentials. The dryness makes me think this whiskey would make a good accompaniment for, say, a very soft cheese like Cooleeney. Your knife may struggle but the whiskey will cut right through it.