Tuesday 2 July 2013

Craft Brewing and Distilling Convention

Alltech's founder and president, Dr Pearse Lyons, is determined to give the craft beer and distillation renaissance in Ireland a firm push. When he heard that a US multinational had bought the only independent Irish distillery, he immediately (literally, the same day) ordered new stills to be dispatched to Ireland. They are now producing spirit in a temporary home at O'Hara's brewery in Carlow.

In a couple of weeks' time, Dr Lyons will open the Alltech International Craft Brewing and Distilling Convention in Dublin where we'll all have the chance to learn what it takes to brew and distil our way to success.

I have listed below some of the sessions that caught my eye. Since there are several tracks running in parallel, I'm going to have to make some tough choices.

Have a look at the full agenda on the website. There are more talks, and also music and mixers, and an exhibit area too. It'll be a great opportunity to rub shoulders with producers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. And it's only €65 all-in.

Boundless Potential: Growing a business from inception to $4B
Dr Pearse Lyons

Is China the next Frontier in Craft? My beer experience in the Far East.
Mark Lyons

Creating Raving Fans: Branding Craft in the Age of the Smart Consumer
Catherine Keogh

Lab Techniques: tricks of the trade for craft brewers and distillers
Chair: Joe Power

Golden Brews on the Emerald Isle: Craft Brewing in Ireland Today
Seamus O’Hara

The Hops Shop: Which hops will work the best for your product?
Karl Ockert and Ken Lee

Barrelling Along: The Fascinating Story of Cooperage
Paul McLaughlin, Kelvin Cooperage

Sherry, oak, and wine casks: the function & technology of barrel aging
Jack O’Shea

The Art and Science of Spirit Making – and Tasting
Mark Coffman

My Global Distilling Experience: Rum, Gin, Vodka
Frank Vriesekoop

Yeast and Fermentation: Building Better Beer and Spirits through Science and Nature
Inge Russell, Graham Stewart

Column Stills for Whiskey and Rum
John Jeffery

The Social Life of Beer and Spirits: Social Media and the New Beverage Marketing
David Butler

Dublin's Rich Brewing History
Eddie Bourke, Diageo