Wednesday 2 November 2011

New Cooley Poitín

Last May, Cooley announced they had just distilled their first Single Pot Still (SPS) spirit at Kilbeggan. (In other words, they added unmalted grains to their pot stills as well as the usual malted barley.) It turned out that they had quietly experimented with SPS at their main Riverstown distillery in Louth the previous year too, though we haven't had a sniff of that up to this point.

That's why it's a treat to find out that Cooley will release an SPS poitín (unmatured whiskey) next week. It has been triple-distilled in Riverstown in the big pots there and is bottled at 65%. It's Ireland-only, limited to 1,000 bottles, and each 50cl bottle will be around €30. It can be had from the Celtic Whiskey Shop.

If I get more details I'll post them here.