Saturday 7 May 2011

WhiskyLive Dublin

Dublin's whiskey enthusiasts have long looked enviously at the many whiskey shows held around the world. We must finally have achieved some critical mass of whiskey drinkers, retailers and manufacturers because this year Dublin is a new stop on the world Whisky Live circuit.

It's only a week to the big day at the Mansion House and it's all looking good. This thread on the Irish Whiskey Society forum has details of who will be there. There are a couple of other features worth pointing out too. First, the masterclasses. These overlap, so I've laid out the schedule here to make it clearer what the options are:

14:30-15:15 The Renaissance of Irish Whiskey - The Cooley Distillery Story
John Cashman, Global Brand Ambassador
The Tullamore Dew Story - A Pioneering Spirit
John Quinn, Global Brand Ambassador
16:00-16.45 The Kilbeggan Distillery Uncovered
Alex Chasko, Innovation Manager and ?
Explore And Indulge The Tullamore Dew Deluxe Whiskey Experience
John Quinn, Global Brand Ambassador
17:30-18:15 Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey - Ireland's unique whiskey tradition
Barry Crockett, Master Distiller
A journey through the Jameson range - from the classic to the sublime
Dave Quinn, Jameson Master of Whiskey

You can see more info on each of those presentations on the show website.

Another way to explore Irish whiskey at the show would be to take one of Heidi Donelan's guided tours, listed below. The tours are free, but see the show website for booking details. Heidi is behind the Irish Whiskey Trail, a comprehensive guide for anyone on a whiskey pilgrimage to Ireland.

14.45 The Irish Whiskey Trail - The Beginners Class

Ireland produces 4 distinct styles of whiskey - Single Malts, Single Pot Stills, Single Grains and Blended whiskeys. Find out what makes them different and discover a classic example from each of these categories.

15.30 The Food & Whiskey Trail

The temperate climate and the Atlantic waters of Ireland are perfect for producing top quality whiskeys and excellent artisan food. Discover some perfect sweet and savoury whiskey and food pairings.

16.15 The Mystery Whiskey Trail

Irish whiskey is a true home grown success story and the Irish whiskey category is expanding very rapidly. Discover 4 new exciting whiskeys, each symbolic of this renewal, which you definitely won't find in your local pub!

17.00 The Irish Whiskey Trail - The Masterclass

Delving a little deeper into what makes different Irish whiskeys that extra special - distillation, ageing, cask selection, blending, etc. Sample 4 premium Irish whiskeys, classic examples of the Distillers' and Blenders' art.