Saturday 11 October 2014

Glendalough 7-Year Old Single Malt

From Glendalough Distillery - hitherto known for its poitíns - comes this 7-year old single malt whiskey: 

Glendalough is still warming up its brand new still so the liquid in this bottle comes from Cooley. It has been double-distilled and aged in first-fill ex-bourbon casks. It is unpeated and bottled at 46%.

There are about 5,000 bottles for the Irish market, retailing between €47.50 and €50. Look for it in good independent off licences.

Also due from Glendalough before Christmas is a small volume of a 13-year old expression and their first seasonal gin. If you follow Glendalough on Twitter you will have seen the fruits of their foraging expeditions in Wicklow - botanicals for an autumn gin. I'm really looking forward to trying that one.

Official tasting notes for the 7-year old single malt:
A smooth and sweet premium single malt Irish whiskey with a touch of spice and more than a hint of citrus fruit… Lemon touched with vanilla ice cream. Fresh floral notes like meadow flowers. 
Silky smooth palate with the citrus fruits to the fore and just enough spice to keep it interesting, followed by the beautiful malt and oak which mix wonderfully as the warmth expands through. 
Oaky, sweet and lingering - everything you'd expect from the perfect sipping whiskey.