Monday 12 May 2008

Meet My Shorts

Perhaps the most expensive place to drink Irish whiskey on this planet is Ireland. It's not just whiskey; nothing is cheap here. A few years ago our Táiniste (deputy prime minister) told us that it was our own fault for not "shopping around".

There's some truth in that so I'm hereby launching my contribution to consumer awareness. I've added a new item to the sidebar on the right called Meet My Shorts. It records the prices I have paid for an Irish whiskey and where. (Actually I have other researchers on the case too so you shouldn't believe that I personally downed all of these shorts.)

The data is looking useful already. The cheapest Jameson to date is €3.70 while the most expensive is €4.95. That's some variation. In the interests of research I'll be "drinking around" in order to identify those establishments that most deserve our patronage.