Sunday 18 May 2008

New Whiskeys: Tullamore Dew and Greenore

A 10 year old version of Tullamore Dew has been announced. Unsurprisingly for this export-oriented brand it will appear on the US market later in the year. The current versions of Tullamore Dew (no age statement and 12 year old) will continue, so they say.

While it makes sense for C&C (the owners of Tullamore Dew) to extend this very successful brand, it's not obvious to me what they are attempting here. Either they are hoping to create a new market with a slightly different version of an existing product or they really do want to phase out the 12yo. Perhaps we will get more clues in their next annual report.

The other new whiskey has already arrived: Greenore 15 year old from Cooley. It's a single grain whiskey which already exists in an 8yo incarnation (and a 10yo version in Canada, for some reason). I'm a huge fan of the 8yo so I expect something special. It's on sale at the Celtic Whiskey Shop for €85.

Happily, I already have a bottle of this so stand by for a report when I open it in the next day or two.